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Salt Lake City Utah ski shop specializing
in custom ski boot fitting and orthotics

custom boot fitting

Salt Lake City Utah's custom ski boot fit experts

It all starts with boots; 60 years of custom ski boot fit expertise allows us to meet the most important goal—perfect fit and alignment in the right boot.

Precise evaluation of your skiing needs enables us to match you with the most appropriate products to optimize your skiing pleasure.

We thoroughly test all new alpine and AT ski products to select the highest quality gear and contribute to the 'invitation-only' realskiers ski test and reviews.

We test all skis and select only the best of the best

Since the 1972 founding of our Salt Lake City Utah specialty ski shop, our family of skiers has been committed to enhancing your skiing experience.

Our philosophy is that old-fashioned service is always in style. You will find that the personalized service at The Sport Loft is unsurpassed.

Meet The Sport Loft Family

Jeremy, Earl and Derek, our expert boot fitters, have more than 60 years of combined experience

Our custom boot fitters have over 60 years conbined experience

Our boot fitting expertise enables us to give you a comfortable fit in a great performing boot. Sore feet can mean the difference between a great day on the slopes and a bad one; under-performing boots can lead to an even worse experience.

You feel our unique approach to ski boot fitting from the moment you begin the fit process. We analyze your feet and legs and ask key questions about your current skiing and future goals.

  • A good fit depends on a good footbed.
  • We incorporate boot balancing and ramp angle adjustments in every boot fitting.
  • Canting: stand flat on your skis.
  • We set your forward lean angle, making it easier to stay out of the back seat.

Your new "Sport Loft Boots" will positively affect everything else in your skiing.

Until September 3, we are
available by appointment;
please call Jeremy

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Why no on-line sales?

What our customers say:

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In the game of golf, it's the ball that goes down the fairway. In the sport of skiing, you are the ball. Control in golf is key to a low score; in skiing, control is about your safety.

We feel it is important that selection and fit of ski equipment be done in person, with the aid of expert advice. This is why we do not offer offsite sales.

Please come in and let us help you get the right gear, set up right, including appropriate apparel & accessories. Anyone who claims that this can be done long distance, over the internet, is not correct. Let others sell "stuff". At the Sportloft, expert service is our most important offering.