Custom Ski Boot Fitting : The most precise custom ski boot fit available in Utah (including AT)

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Jeremy, Earl and Derek, our custom boot fitters, can give you a comfortable fit with great performance—the myth that you cannot have both at once is just that, pure myth. Feet that hurt can make what could have ben a great day on the slopes a bad one. We have the fit and performance solution, whether you are seeking a traditional alpine ski boot or a touring boot.

Our approach to boot fitting is unique. You feel it from the moment you begin the fitting process. We take the time to analyze the shape of your foot and leg, ask the right questions about your skiing ability and about your future goals. This enables us to find the right boot to fit your foot and performance needs.

Each boot starts with a good orthotic, custom made for your foot.

start with a good footbed

More about orthotics

The footbed is the foundation controlling your skiing and transfers your every move precisely and quickly to the ski. A footbed adds comfort to the boot because it exactly mirrors the shape of your foot and distributes your weight properly.

We incorporate boot balancing and ramp angle adjustment—which positions hips properly over the feet—in every boot fitting. These steps are critical to achieving maximum performance.

Earl align boot

More about alignment

Canting is the next step and will allow you to stand flat on your skis.

We set your forward lean angle, putting your lower leg at the correct angle relative to your upper leg, making it easier to get out and stay out of "the back seat".


All of our boots have heat moldable liners allowing 80% of the break-in process to occur before you hit the hill. Boot balancing and heating are all included in the price of the boot. Boot planing, stretching and grinding for difficult fits are extra. We do all of these services with more experience than other shops and assure first-time results. No stretches shrink back.

For maximum performance, add an amazing Booster Strap to boost rebound power and turbocharge your turns.

booster strap

Protect your new boots in the ultimate warm and dry environment with a heated boot bag that keeps your boots, socks and other accessories heated overnight and in the car on the way to the slopes.


Don't forget the Sidas Pro boot warming system, for totally toasty feet and toes.


These performance changes to your boots will enable you to ski better, with less effort and more comfort.

The result—an awesome skiing experience!

We offer our high level of boot fitting and customer service to the AT/mountaineering community


Climbing and skiing mountains has been a way of life for generations In Europe. At The Sport Loft, we bring to you the culmination of this pursuit, this passion.

As with all products that we carry, each AT selection we offer is of the finest quality. We have tested all the gear out there and unlike some, we do not believe it is "all about speed up" or "all about the down".

We believe it is about having boots that climb, ski and fit well. About having skis that plane up nicely while climbing but have the right characteristics to reward you for your efforts on the glide down. It's about having skins that climb, glide and have glue that stays on the skins, not your skis. Our goal is to have you in the lightest, most efficient and most reliable products available. Thus you arrive on top first, with the biggest smile and plenty of power left for the ultimate powder ride down. We always strive to give you the best performance for both up and down.

We understand your passion and can provide you with the service, gear and fit you need to be the alpinist you truly are.

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