Sidas Podiatech® athletic/medical orthotic system


We are proud of our continuing commitment to excellence with Sidas' Twin Lab II, the only such machine in the Western Hemisphere.

Sidas  is a quality based orthotic and raw materials supplier located in Voiron, France. With emphasis on bio mechanics and employing six different molding techniques, Sidas reigns as the leader in dynamic foot guidance.

Jeremy spent two full weeks in one-on-one training for lateral and full-stride movement. Sidas tailors the training experience to each individual and Jeremy was the first technician Sidas has ever hosted for that length of time. He spent twelve hours a day with their three in house osteopaths and podiatrists, studying numerous unique cases.

Jeremy also spent two days with Jan-Jacque Claude, golf "guru" to many elite golfers, including the legendary Arnold Palmer. Golf, like skiing, is largely about stance and foot motion control. Controlling foot motion is key to performance and comfort: Podiatech® allows us to maximize foot motion.

We continually train with Sidas to remain current with the most up to date material, techniques and processes.

And it's not just performance. Using Sidas techniques and Podiatech® and Conform'able® products, we treat everyone as an unique individual to help reduce injuries and enhance rehabilitation.

We also offer orthotics for runners, cyclists, mountaineers and all around general use. Remember, you only get one pair of feet and only one chance to take care of them. Prevention in the form of an orthotic is the best way to protect them.

We are proud to partner with these physical therapists

Pinnacle Performance

Hand and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists

Ultimate Sport Performance and Rehabilitation

Specifically with focus on new skiing techniques and updated information for running and cycling. The main focus of these training was Based in Biomechanics and restorative movement for such.

Additionally it should be noted that that the Podiatech equipment we have is specific to us for the US. Podiatech equipment is not even sold or distributed in the US. We import directly from Sidas and have equipment that at first glance may look similar to Sidas Conformable (their sport products). However the Podiatech (medical Sidas) has a much greater ability to address the needs of our customers. We also have specific materials made for especially for ski boot product.

No one else in the world has what we have.